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3 Simple Crock Pot Recipes For The Cooking Beginner

If you recently found a passion for cooking, a slow cooker can be a big help in your learning process. It can help you cook more complicated practices with just little effort. But as a beginner, it's ideal to prepare simple recipes first even with the use of a crock pot. Here are simple crock […]

3 Simple Crock Pot Recipes With An Extraordinary Taste

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Since slow cookers are known to make meats tender and juicy and keep vegetables fresh and crisp, dishes cooked with a crock pot are proven to have a delicious, flavorful taste – perfect for when you want something tasty but don’t really have too much time to spend in the kitchen. Cook these 3 simple […]

Must-Try Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Snacking

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Starting a healthier lifestyle means adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. While meat isn’t completely off the table, most healthy eaters prefer greens and grains in their daily meals. You can start small by snacking on nutritious dishes made out of fresh fruits and vegetables only. So clear your fridge and kitchen of […]

Culantro – The Perennial Answer to Fresh Cilantro

Culantro is not cilantro. It has long leaves with tapered tips and serrated edges. When it comes to flavor, culantro is like cilantro, times ten. In warmer climates, above Zone 7s, the actual cilantro plant can be reseeded and grown commercially, harvesting the leaves as they appear. In zone 7 and below the climate is […]

3 Amazingly Good Slow Cooker Dip Recipes You’ll Love

A flavorful dip makes all the difference when enjoying a snack at home or when served at parties. Whether you love pairing a dip with chips, vegetable sticks or even chicken wings, it’s ideal to aim for variety to make eating more enjoyable. Why not ditch the store-bought kind this time and try a homemade […]

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

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Christmas gift exchanges are wonderful ways to spend time together during the holidays. Gift exchanges are a great way of bringing family members together. The challenge comes with setting the theme or focus for your Christmas gift exchange. If you do the same thing each year, people will get bored and stop participating. Without changing […]

Delicious High-Protein Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians

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Since meat, which is high in protein, is off the table for vegetarians, they must find other sources of the essential nutrient. Fortunately, nature has provided many other excellent sources of protein for those who choose not to consume meat. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat an all-vegetable dish – sometimes you’re […]

Secrets to Enjoying the Cuisine of Mexico

Mexican food is so much more than tacos and burritos. Every region in Mexico has its own unique signature of flavors and ingredients. There are three major regions in Mexico that are divided into North, Central, and South. Each region has smaller sub-regions with their own special niche. The North is cattle country. Both dairy […]

Top 10 Best Brownie Recipes

Put out a plate of homemade brownies and that plate will soon be empty. It does not matter if it's a plain chocolate brownie or a gourmet brownie – eating brownies just makes us feel good. Here's a selection of great brownie recipes for your enjoyment. Frosted Fudge Brownies – Made with unsweetened baking chocolate, […]

New Unique Recipes You Can Cook Using Your Grill

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Grilled burger, chicken, hotdogs or steak are a staple when having a backyard barbecue. However, when you always have your grill out, these dishes can easily get old in terms of taste. This time, try something new and add a little variety to your barbecue menu by preparing new dishes – simple recipes that you […]