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How to Make Chili for Your Next Backpacking Trip

I make chili nearly weekly when I’’ m in your home in the winter season. It’’ s especially pleasing to make it with elk meat I’’ ve collected myself and homegrown peppers and tomatoes. It appeared like my chili dish might be transformed for backcountry usage, so I asked my program supervisor—– who has a […]

10 Handy Food Hacks to Save On Food Wastage

You will conserve a lot of time. You can blend various sauces from barbecues to curries. Shop them in the freezer. Ensure you pop on the zip lock bag the used-by date (chicken is 3 months in the freezer). That method you can get a couple of bags and thaw them in the refrigerator over […]

Menú para Navidad | 3 tapas + Sopa + Ternera rellena + Postre fácil | Cocina con Fer