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Canning Mangos in Light Syrup

I saw some beautiful Mangos at among my regional shops and undoubtedly believed I’d to can some. Peeling and cutting them is not much enjoyable, indeed I think it’s a pain. But it sure will probably be worth it. This canned Mango is very good! If you’d like to acquire a number of the services […]

Arroz con mango 3/3

El propio Arroz con mango y pollo al curry http://elgourmet.com/receta/5374-arroz_con_mango_y_pollo_con_curry_casero Procedimiento Arroz – Pele y pique los dientes de ajo. – Retire las semillas del ají rojo picante y píquelo. – En una olla caliente con aceite vegetal saltee a fuego lento el ajo junto con el ají, el achiote en polvo (onoto) y el […]

Crispy Rumali Roti With Raw Mango Salsa| How To Make Crispy Rumali Roti | Raw Mango Salsa |Cook Book