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Pico De Gallo Salsa

Taco of the Week: Birria de Res at JQ’s Tex Mex BBQ

The grated mozzarella bubbles into a jagged arch atop the hot propane griddle outside the garage doors of 4J Brewing Company in Houston. When the edges of the cheese show signs of crisping, the taquero needs to flip what’s become a costra disc destined to cradle birria de res. Joseph Quellar, pitmaster-taquero of JQ’s Tex […]

Tortilla Soup

H. Casa Sanchez Tortilla Soup This super sopa (soup) is a normal Mexican pleasure that warms both human anatomy and heart. It’s wealthy aroma and semi-spicy flavor tends to make each spoonful a sensory feeling to take pleasure from. Try it and taste on your own! ¡Increible! Components: • 4 oz. crumbled Casa Sanchez Rancheras […]

Don Raffa’s Kitchen 2 — A Master Class in Mexican Cuisine

Making “Pico de Gallo” —a artistic trip. This is the second in some ‘Master Class’ “teaser” reels provided by Chef Rafael Nazario for a cooking tv show specialising in Mexican and Latino cuisines. In this reel Chef Raffa shows steps to make the popular and a lot of fundamental of salsas, “Salsa Mexicana” (aka, “Pico […]