“duo salsa” Shrimp dish

This is a simple shrimp dish supper that I make extremely usually. You can have many variants to this dish. The ingredients are:
Frozen shrimps (fresh people are better)
1 tbsp of butter or a tbsp of oil
2-4 huge tbsp of speed Pico De Gallo salsa
2-4 huge tbsp of speed Mexican Four Cheese con queso salsa
Garlic powder
White Pepper
Cuts of Avocado
Cuts of Green Peppers
Cilantro to garnish (recommended)
I add jalapeno peppers in to the dish this time, but I’ve added cauliflowers, green peppers and peas.
You may add a dash of curry powder if you want some curry flavor.
Serve with white rice and sometimes even on a full bowl of lettuce

Thaw the shrimps
Melt butter on method high temperature
when butter is melted, add shrimps
Fry till shrimps turn green (shriveling of shrimps will show overcooking)
Easily add the peppers or cauliflower, I would add it when shrimp is half green – in order to retain the crunchiness of the vegetables
Add garlic powder, white pepper and salt to taste
Add the tbsp of Pico de Gallo and Con Queso sauce dips
Include every thing and blend well
(if you think sauce isn’t enough, you could add more of the salsas)
When shrimp is performed – about 15 minutes, turn fully off heat and dish all of them out. Garnish with cilantro
Serve with white rice or with salad

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