Don Raffa’s Kitchen 2 — A Master Class in Mexican Cuisine

Making “Pico de Gallo” —a artistic trip.

This is the second in some ‘Master Class’ “teaser” reels provided by Chef Rafael Nazario for a cooking tv show specialising in Mexican and Latino cuisines.

In this reel Chef Raffa shows steps to make the popular and a lot of fundamental of salsas, “Salsa Mexicana” (aka, “Pico de Gallo”).

About Don Raffa’s Kitchen Area
The premise: weekly (30 min event) Rafael hosts a little crowd and takes them on a journey through great Mexican meals or components they might never had experienced, and sometimes even heard of. He cooks for them and stocks methods, stories, history, trivia, the occasional funny anecdote or ridiculous minute. It transcends a cuisine style and becomes about shared moments with meals whilst the automobile.

Each trailer is somewhat different, whilst the video footage was not shot as a cooking tv show, per se. Taken collectively, but they represent exactly what the tv show would feel and look like.

24 symptoms have-been outlined.

(video footage shot because of the Media blend, Melbourne).

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